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“Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth,
and every tree which has fruit yielding seed, it shall be food for you.”
Genesis 1:29

How God Taught us Living Water Sets us Free – Radical Christianity for Radical Times

For the Christian who seeks to be closer to G*D, my next fascinating book will take you where few have dared to reach: into the heart of G*D and connecting the Mind of Science. For thousands of years we have been either willfully mislead into “sin,” resulting in illness and human suffering, or we have foolishly misplaced our faith and not been accountable for trusting the wrong “experts.” Or perhaps it has been a bit of both? As a result, many Christians suffer from cognitive dissonance when it comes to the food on their plate.

What if you could learn how the Nazarenes ate? If you really love Jesus the Nazarene, wouldn’t you be slightly curious to live and eat as he did?

My upcoming book, Eat Like Adam is a scripturally based AND scientific discussion of how to not only achieve optimal health for humanity, but how to align in original kinship with the Almighty. The Bible exists as sacred scripture, as history, as literature, and as an allegory filled with symbolism. Yes, there certainly are parallels with other ancient world religions, but for the Western World it just does not get any better than the Bible to teach you the mysteries of our Higher Power we affectionately call, G*D, IF and WHEN you can get past the dogma.

I will clearly show how the Word of G*D has provided us with subtle hints, mystery clues and outright verbatim instructions on how we should live and what we should eat, so that we could walk once again in the Garden with Him. I will guide you thoughtfully through the Old and New Testaments and indicate exactly where and why the Modern churches have led people so far astray from The Law. And then I will attempt to explain in layman’s terms the latest cutting edge scientific study into the nature and New Biology of Living Water that reinforces scripture.

G*D Taught Us Unambiguously that Living Water Sets Us Free.

For the Pagan, Atheist and Agnostic, too!

This book might give the devout pagan, atheist or agnostic a pause to consider how the new understanding about the Biology of Water and how it dovetails perfectly into esoteric teachings and metaphysical understandings… to the point that you might even consider there is some kind of Divine Plan going on! Your understanding of connections just might be illuminated in a happy way. Even if you do not believe in a traditional idea of G*D, you may find answers for healing and health you have never considered before.

Please Pray for Me

My mission to share soul-saving knowledge. I appreciate your prayers to accomplish this goal. It is my intention to give the book away for free as a series of spoken videos. and then also offer it for sale as a paperback for those who wish to have a hard copy or gift edition and to financially support my ongoing mission.

Thank you.