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Why Is the Number 12 Important in the Bible?

The number 12 is found at least 161 times in the Bible that I could find. The number ‘numero uno’ one is found 345 times. The number seven is found 373 times. The number three is found 388 times. Any Christian who does not put stock in numerology or Gematria has a new fun lesson to learn about an advanced language of G*D. The Bible exists as sacred scripture, as history, as literature, and as an allegory filled with symbolism. Yes, there certainly are parallels with other ancient world religions, but for the Western World it just does not get any better than the Bible to teach you the mysteries of the higher power we affectionately call, G*D. Now why would Luke record there being 13 or 14 apostles, unless there was a hidden encoded message there? And does he do this? Or was there another agenda at play when the books of the Bible were canonized by the early Catholic Church? Again, G*D does not make mistakes. He is always providing us with clues for us to seek Him more fully.

ScriptureThe # 12
Genesis 17:2012 princes
Genesis 28:12-15Jacobs ladder “DNA” referring to the 12 tribes
Genesis 35:2212 sons of Jacob
Genesis 49:2812 tribes of Israel
Exodus 15:2712 springs of water at Elim
Exodus 24:412 pillars erected by Moses
Exodus 28:2112 jewels in the high priest’s breastplate
Numbers 7:8412 bulls
Numbers 7:8712 silver plates
Matthew 10:212 apostles
Revelation 21:2112 gates and 12 pearls
Revelation 22:212 kinds of fruit on the tree of life