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“There has been a surge of interest in traditional spirituality and in spiritually-oriented health systems and diets since 2020. I have never seen so much interest, and I have been exploring this area of lifestyle and diet for 30 years. Mary-Margaret Stratton’s book Eat Like Adam is an extraordinary review, analysis, and in-depth look at spirituality and spiritual diets utilizing primarily a Christian and Biblical lens yet also referencing numerous other spiritual traditions. I was surprised and excited by the extensive research in this book — one of the best ever written in the field!

In Eat Like Adam, Stratton takes you through her journey. This work contains:
• A tremendous discourse on The Essenes
• The historical tension created by Saul-Paul of Tarsus
• The diet concepts of Daniel
• The strength of Samson
• Bechamp versus Pasteur (or terrain versus germ theory)
• 20th and 21st century media propaganda
• Present-day dark powers and their psychological operations
• Electromagnetic radiation pollution
• Nanotech and the permanent sickness injection racket
• The Healing Power of Living Waters
And much more…All while citing Scripture throughout.
A fantastic and insightful read!”

— David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe, Essene, Organic Farmer, Author, Orator